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Допомога для Української Армії 

Не перегортай сторінку!  Закривавлена Україна чекає на Твою Допомогу !

Сьогодні у тебе є вибір, якого завтра може не бути !

Support Ukraine - support soldiers !!
Today, thousands of  heroes and soldiers of the Ukrainian army defend Ukraine against russian aggression.
The defenders and soldiers of Ukraine are  lacking protective equipment.  Please help us support brave soldiers.


We are focusing on helping and donating supplies for Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces, military and volenteeres.

We created a list of supply that we need to get.
When you order please ship it dirrectly to:

2820 Francena Ct
Brunswick OH 44212


If you have question:
Taras Sharenevych (440) 390-9466
Yura Malik (440) 212-6169
Vadim Kachmar (440) 520-3099
Tanya Kachmar (440) 212-2390

Please send support to QR code or buy from direct links below

Supply List

Body Armor   -Goal has been reached
Over 100 armor plates and over 107 Level 3 body armors.



Tactical Boots (need size 9,10,11, 12)

Thermal Monacular


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