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How to Find a Perfect Wedding Venue in Ohio?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

How to Find a Perfect Wedding Venue

Organizing a wedding can get very tasking. You will be confronted with many decisions. Of all these decisions, the wedding venue has the greatest impact. It determines your wedding date, catering options, and attendee's experience.

Seeing how difficult this must be, app developers have made things easier. There are currently customizable wedding planning apps. Amongst these is the wedding venue spreadsheet.

Things To Do Before You Begin Your Search

· Fix a wedding date. Venue bookings are based on proposed wedding dates. Sometimes your venue may determine your wedding date.

· Have a guest: venues have different capacities. Your expected number of guests will streamline your venue options.

· Draw up a budget: finding a wedding venue on a budget makes your search easier.

· Determine your wedding layout: do you want an outdoor or indoor wedding? Some couples prefer a traditional wedding while others like eclectic venues. Some people want a big wedding while others would go for a small intimate affair. There are different venues for every choice.

How To Select A Perfect Venue

1. Location and Accessibility

Your venue must be at a reasonable distance from most attendees. If they have to travel, it should be close to the airport or hotel. You need to avoid traffic hurdles and excessive transportation cost. You do not want your guests arriving late for your big day.

2. Capacity

You can't comfortably fit 500 people into a room made for 300 people. For this reason, you must have an estimated guest size. You need to know the capacity of your venue before making a booking.

3. Services and Amenities

Some venues have a kitchen and can provide catering services to guests. Others may have partnerships with food providers. Do they have chairs, tables, and linens that suit your theme and ambience? You should check out their services and amenities ahead. Do not forget to learn about their insurance policies. If they are not good enough, it can impact your attendees negatively.

4. Layout

The layout determines the type of activities you can include in your event. It affects the flow of traffic during the event. Its importance is more emphasized at weddings with a large number of attendees. You must pay attention to the existing decor and architecture of the venue. The layout of your venue should fit your wedding theme.

5. Cost

Finding a wedding venue on a budget makes the burden lighter. It will streamline your search to specific price ranges. If you have flexible date options, you may enjoy a discount. Some venues have flexible pricing options. Many venues have discounts and glut periods. Sometimes, the cost is based on the services you opt for. You can cut down on some services to help reduce the venue's cost.

Final Words

It's much easier to find a wedding venue when you start searching early. There are many wedding directories to help you find the perfect venue. Wedding venue spreadsheets will help you analyze your options. Just be patient and thorough with your search. With the right actions, you'll definitely find your perfect wedding venue.

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